03 July 2009

Vocal Technic

Vocal technic is not the master of expression, but this must go hand in hand to achieve the desirable interpretation of the song. The singer has to be much more careful of health habits, smoking, drugs, colds conditions (some people more sensitive than the others with air conditioning, weather, winter, etc). The singer has to mantain a higher vitality than the instrument's player.

There are five factors must be considered to learn singing :
  1. Technic is important, but it should never be a fetish, assuming display importance for its own sake out of all proportion to the deeper verities of expression.
  2. Correct technical use of the voice is best induced through emphasis on sound, on expression desired, with the correlating thought concepts relative to feeling in proper associated physical response.
  3. Technic is relative; there is no such thing as absolute perfection. There never has been a perfect singer. Every one of the famous birds of song, male or female, has some faults (Wiliam J. Henderson).
  4. Voice training is a developmental process both physically and mentally, not just a learning process.
  5. Minimum degree of technical manipulative skill in singing is necessary before any measure of confidence can be expected.

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